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I was resting on gear on the climb due to it being nasty and polished, there where 3 bits of gear 2 nuts and a cam, all 3 bits failed even though I was only resting and the gear placement especially on the nuts looked very good. I am a resonably experienced climber of 7 years ish. I fell around 4 to 5 meters and hit the floor including a rock possibly, onto my back, I was intially winded, and I was told to stay still, mountain rescue where then called. Mountain rescue where amazing and carried me off the hill to an ambulance which arrived shortly after, the hospital staff were also incredible. Luckily I had sustained no injuries other then bruised back and whip lash on my neck. The random climbers in the vacinity where brillaint and put loads of coats on top of me, my climbing budy was also amazing. Thank you to everyone for their help.
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