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Having made a successful traverse of Crib Goch (from Pen y Pass) in winter conditions I made the decision to return via the same route. I was traversing the ridge line above Crib y Ddysgl when, distracted, I caught one of my crampons on my trousers, slipped and tumbled 40 metres down the ice, snow and boulder covered slope. I suffered an impact injury to my lower right calf - a 9cm wide and 4cm deep hole, a chipped elbow bone and bruising to my legs, feet and arms. Fortunately, with the assistance of two (unknown) climbers who came to my aid, I was able to climb back up to the ridge and off the mountain from where I drove to Bangor hospital for surgery. I was discharged 48 hours later, battered, bruised and on crutches - but suffering no long term damage.
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