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A guy starting the second pitch of this climb, checked a large block and then pulled on it and the whole thing came away from the face, falling down the wall, with pieces breaking off. The guy landed on the ledge at the end of the first pitch, he's was injured, mostly cuts and bruises, although he hit his head and did a lot of damage to his helmet. It was a huge block that came off, it was lucky that his belayer or someone on the ground wasn't seriously injured or killed. It came after a week of fairly solid rain, there were several over smaller rock falls on the same section of wall while we were there. It should probably be checked for safety.
At the beginning of the second pitch on birds land, between 1st and 2nd bolt, a big rock (around half of a car) was pull down and the climber fell and luckily dodged the major rock but minor injuries were caused by the subsequent loose rocks. He fell around 3-4 meter to a ledge which damaged his helmet but apparently no concussion were observed. The belayer lowered him and rappel himself from anchor of first pitch but realized later that the rope were cut by the falling rock almost all the way through at two spots.
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