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Turner Landscape fell race


Lake District. North of Levers Water, Coniston. Weather forecast strong winds, low visibility, cold temps at summit and heavy rain. Myself and husband and ascended into Coppermines Valley via The Bell scramble. Headed north from Levers Water to Swirl Hawse. On starting to ascend Prison Band we saw a lone runner (later discovered part of organises fell race) coming towards us. He asked us if the way we had come was to Old Man of Coniston. On showing him where we were we realised he was disoriented, way off his fell race route and needed help. He asked if he could follow us which we absolutely agreed to. Gusts were blowing him off his feet. He was showing early signs of hypothermia with broken shoes and totally soaked. We decided he needed to be down as soon ASAP and so took him with us over Prison Band, south at Swirl How, east at Levers Hawse and down to Levers Water and to our car at Walna Scar. We then drove him to race HQ at Turners Hall campsite. On route we dressed him in his extra trousers and fleece and our gloves and gave food. Had to stop half way down to tape the sole of his shoe back on. We broke out the shelter to keep him warm. He became more lucid as we descended and was well when we left him with fell race organisers.


Conditions were tricky on tops with low cloud and high winds. Wonder if a checkpoint at the key run route turn would have helped. Mandatory kit was present but perhaps not enough for the conditions and runners phone was out of charge.


Summer walking




No injury, Early signs of hypothermia


Navigation Error, Adverse Weather



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Wearing Helmets?

Rescue Services Involved?

Understanding that Coniston MR were called


4 October 2021 at 11:04:41

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