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The weather on the summits was challenging with heavy cloud, hail, and 90mph+ winds making walking upright difficult. Our group met a couple who were struggling to find their chosen route off the mountain. After attempting to help them, they decided they unsaid where their path was and went in the opposite direction to pick it up. We continued on our route and upon returning to our car as the light failed, we found the couple coming down our initial route. They had been unable to find their path which would have taken them down the other side of the mountain to their car as it transpired they had no means of navigation whatsoever. Despite knowing the the storm was coming in and the likely condition, they had made an active decision to do this and said this had happened before. We ended up driving them the 10 miles back to their car so they were not stranded.


We should have investigated their issue more fully when on the mountain and not assumed they had a way to navigate. They were otherwise well equipped and confident and given the conditions we all were focused more on the descent. As a group we will probably ask more questions in future.

The lack of any method of navigation in the middle of a strong storm is a lesson this couple clearly need to learn despite their luck holding out this far.


Winter walking




No injury


Navigation Error, Inadequate equipment, clothing or footwear, Adverse Weather



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Wearing Helmets?

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11 February 2020 at 16:19:18

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