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It was a relative warm morning in Aug when i started to climb a route that i had done 3 times previously, I placed the 1st gear on the right rope and got on ledge, the 2nd piece wasn't that good but i knew there was a bomber cam just above on the next ledge but couldn't reach it from where i was. i stood up onto a sloping ramp with right foot which bought the ledge to about waist height, I placed the cam and was about to clip the rope when foot slipped off the ramp. my left hand couldn't help me as it was neither high or low enough to stop fall. as i went passed the 2nd piece it popped, then i hit ledge which pushed me outwards. there being too much rope out for the 1st piece to have an effect. i hit the ground on my left arm just before head hit protruding boulder. Resulting in broken arm and elbow joint. The helmet buckled and broke my glasses but i didn't have a head injury other than a couple black eyes. MR was called and there just happened to be an Air Ambulance on a training mission in the area. they gave me some pain killers and off to hospital i went. I can't express my thanks enough for these guys. 6 weeks later i climbed again, it did hurt so took another 6 weeks off before starting again.


The accident would not have happened had i clipped the bomber cam or if the 2nd piece had been placed better, BUT if i hadnt worn a helmet i probably wouldnt be here now!! I replaced the helmet btw.


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Serious injury requiring medical treatment


Slip, trip or fall



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Air Ambulance & MRT


1 August 2020 at 19:00:32

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