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(Near Miss Observer) As I was climbing the final pitch of Hope on damp rock I saw a male scrambling around the top, at first I assumed he had soloed up as he had no climbing equipment. I then saw that he was with his wife and child as well as their dog, he was leading them and seemed insistent that he was going the correct way. As I was finishing up the slabs the male started to downclimb, at which point I shouted out to ask if he was okay. He replied that he was fine, followed by a pause before asking if this (Hope VD) was the way down. I told him he could not descend this way, I briefly described the way off and said that I would guide them down if he would wait for me to build an anchor and bring up my second. At this point he was above me, a couple moves from the top, and I was on a run out easy section below. As he made his way back to the top, where his family and dog were, both his feet slipped he luckily caught himself on a wet jug and pulled over the lip. If he had fallen he would've likely knocked me off, and fallen a long way down the slabs. When I arrived at the top the family where no where to be seen. (I saw who I believe to be the same male later that night, camping in the valley so assume all was okay in the end).


Importance of knowing the route cannot be overstated.


Summer walking




No injury


Slip, trip or fall, Navigation Error



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1 June 2021 at 07:58:57

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