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Made the decision to follow another team up the route following backing off a different climb. We figured given we were all relatively experienced and the climb was well within our grade it would be fine. It was also the only easier route on the crag. Whilst seconding the first pitch a member of the first team dislodged a microwave sized block from the second pitch. I managed to duck under a large chock stone to avoid being struck on the head, but was only missed by around a foot. The first team then remained where they were whilst the second team reached the first belay and abbed out. The first team continued with the route, with more rockfall later on up the route.


Over confidence in ability led to a gross error of judgement that could easily have been very serious. The route was terrain where loose rock is too be expected but this was ignored. On top of this the crag is remote, with no signal and relatively isolated. Had there been an accident rescue would have been extremely difficult to arrange and a long way away. Lessons learnt have to be the importance of considering all aspects of a climb, and that sometimes its better to simply not climb.


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