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Winter walking




Serious injury requiring medical treatment


Having made a successful traverse of Crib Goch (from Pen y Pass) in winter conditions I made the decision to return via the same route.

I was traversing the ridge line above Crib y Ddysgl when, distracted, I caught one of my crampons on my trousers, slipped and tumbled 40 metres down the slope.

I suffered and impact injury to my lower right calf - a 9cm wide and 4cm deep hole.

Fortunately, I was able to climb back up to the ridge and off the mountain from where I was hospitalised at Bangor and was discharged 48 hours later, battered, bruised and on crutches - but suffering no long term damage.


Although fully equipped for the conditions, I made an error of judgement in choosing to return along the route I had successfully taken.

My plan had always been to travel onwards to Snowden and then return via the Pyg Track.

However, elated at my first winter traverse of Crib Goch, I decided to retrace my route - even though I knew this was risky as I was tired and it was late in the day.

The accident occurred because I was tired and I should not have taken the unnecessary risk - a momentary lapse of concentration resulted in an accident that could have proved fatal or life changing.

Wearing a helmet and a rucksack saved me from further injury. The helmet was scratched and gouged from glancing blows from rocks and the rucksack absorbed the shock of my impact.


Slip, trip or fall



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Wearing Helmets?

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Kevin Hogarth

12 May 2019 at 17:31:01

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