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We were descending moorland to the NW of Foinavon in Sutherland, NW Scotland. The mountain was well behind us - we had thoroughly enjoyed our traverse. The area around GR NC295345 is a maze of peat bogs and also sphagnum moss bogs. I stepped into one of the latter and was immediately swallowed in - right up to the thighs. The consistency was like glue. If I had not been with a companion who pulled me out, I genuinely believe I would never have emerged.


Not all the features of bogs and marshes are the same. It will depend on the amount (if any) of recent rainfall, depth, consistency etc. In this example, the surface looked totally benign, otherwise I would not have trodden where I did. It is worth using a trekking pole or similar to test ground of which you are uncertain. The incident reminded me of the tragedy which occurred to fell-runner Bill Smith on Saddle Fell, Bowland in September 2011 - he died in a peat bog.


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Sucked in to bog of sphagnum moss



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