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Trad rock climbing




Serious injury requiring medical treatment


After a long day of scrambling I met an old mate to squeeze in a climb before dark. It was the first time we’d trad climbed together and we probably exaggerated our abilities somewhat. To make it “worthwhile” we picked a climb at our limit without a warmup as time was short.

The first 5 metres or so of the route consist of an underclinging layback on a crack with a constant width. With only one cam that would fit in this crack, I waited until a height I thought was a good compromise to minimise the risk of an injury from decking.

As I was unracking the cam to place, my remaining hand slipped off the layback and I fell about 3 metres onto an outstretched palm which took the brunt of the fall before I bounced down the remaining ledges until the rope became taught.

I suffered a broken wrist which required a lengthy surgery to fix.


A number of factors contributed to the poor judgement of starting the climb including the excitement of seeing an old friend and perceived lack of time.

Being fatigued after a big day in the hills combined with greasy rock and no warm up climb meant my head wasn’t in the game and I slipped where I normally wouldn’t have.

Having to conserve gear and the body position I was in made the slip much more higher consequence than it normally would have been.


Slip, trip or fall, Inadequate equipment, clothing or footwear



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Joshua Cormack Butler

19 December 2021 at 15:18:14

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