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Date of Incident






Winter walking




Serious injury requiring medical treatment


It was a low cloud day but dry had been mist wet for previous few days. Surface was thin mud in spots good footing elsewhere. Walk that I was doing 3 times a week a one hour 3 and a half mile loop. Just on final descent to bream down fort, when feet slipped out from underneath scrabbled to stay up an one ankle turned heard the break went to floor fast and tried to stay still. As only a short walk I didn’t have any emergency stuff with me and had left phone with misses in car at base of hill but she knew route and time expected. Most people not walking over top of hills just along path could get their attention they kept just waving back and shouting hello. Had to wait about 15 mins till somebody came over the top to start a rescue.


Not taking a well known route for granted, it doesn’t have to be steep to be dangerous glad I was wearing proper footwear with ankle support correctly laced or I dread to think who bad it would have been.


Slip, trip or fall



Reported By


Wearing Helmets?

Rescue Services Involved?

Coast guard helped with helicopter extract, coast guard search and rescue doctor on board and removal to hospital and brean down rescue first on scene and organised all services.

Just me wrapped up awaiting pick up
Me leaving scene will get more if I can


Antony s j bird

15 January 2021 at 09:51:55

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