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Circular walk from Linn of Dee CP via Derry Lodge, Corrour Bothy and White Bridge


Two walkers undertook a circular walk commencing from Linn of Dee car park to Corrour Bothy via Derry Lodge, returning via White Bridge, length 25km, ascent 250m along tracks and paths with some snow cover. Guidebook time 6.5 hours. Weather was dry but overcast. There is no mobile signal in the area.

The two walkers started walking at around 10:30 and reached Corrour Bothy about 15:00, 4½ hours duration. They then continued to return via White Bridge which is a slightly longer and rougher route. They eventually got back to Linn of Dee at about 22:00, 7 hours duration, 11½ hours in total.

By around 18:00 the two walkers friends started to become aware that they were still out and they checked to see what they were doing. Unfortunately, despite instructions to the contrary, they had not left a record of their route, their car details or their estimated time back. At about 20:30 it was dark and the two walkers had still not returned so their friends called the Police/Mountain Rescue.
Fortunately, the two walkers returned at about 22:30 tired but otherwise fine.


At the planning stage – the walk was too ambitious for the two walkers and they should have taken into account their ability. They also chose to do the easier half first which meant the timing at Corrour Bothy was misleading as it was not a true halfway time.

During the walk – the two walkers set off late and did not monitor their progress. Given that a reasonable time to be back was around 17:30, i.e. 7 hours duration, then they should have been thinking of turning back after 3½ hours, or at 14:00.

The failure to leave route or car details meant it was impossible to initiate an effective search. It was not even possible to locate their car in a car park.


Winter walking


during walk


No injury


Darkness, Route Selection, slow progress



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Wearing Helmets?

Rescue Services Involved?

Braemar Police and Mountain Rescue


1 August 2020 at 19:01:05

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