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Chalkstorm is a route which climbs a short slab (~4 metres) to a break where gear can be placed then follows another slab to the top (~10 metres, to give a 14 metre route). The crux move is stepping off good footholds just above the break. I (Tom) completed this move and was moving steadily up the slab. I gained some crimps with my hands at around 8-10 metres off the floor and it being a hot day my fingers slipped off them. I felt myself pulling away from the rock and almost recovered it by really bearing down with my right hand on the crimp but it didn't work and I fell, turning away from the rock as I did so. I was too far above the gear for it to be of any use so hit the deck. This led to a swollen left ankle, which was treated at the Northern General hospital the day after with a moon boot to wear for 4 weeks, and diagnosed as a bad sprain with a very minor chip fracture off the back of the heel. Skidding down the slab also ripped holes in my trousers seat!


Pick better conditions conducive to friction slabs.


Trad rock climbing




Serious injury requiring medical treatment, Minor injury


Slip, trip or fall



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To go with Tom Young incident at the Roaches.
To go with Tom Young incident at the Roaches.
To go with Tom Young incident at the Roaches.


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