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I have been bouldering outdoors for 3+ years, many times alone and often with friends. This incident occurred on Portland where I've spent many weekends climbing, this precise wall was actually new to me but I focused on some of the moves closer to the ground and only attempted topping out on boulders where the moves were well within my grasp. I was using one large bouldering pad but a few steps in the rock on the ground meant it was difficult to sufficiently protect a large fall which formed part of my reason for only trying routes well within my capabilities. Whilst topping out the boulder I grabbed to holds on top of the crag (I couldn't see these), as I went to rock over both of the holds came off in my hands and I fell towards the floor from approx 4m. I landed mostly on my crash pad but my right heel came off the back and the force of it crashing into limestone slab below fracturing my heel (calcaneus) and a couple of the joints in the area.


My learning would be to properly check holds, on this climb I could've even analysed the holds from above but if not I should have given each of them a good pull before using them. I think an extra mat may have helped in this area so if I was to go out bouldering alone again I would try and carry a couple of mats to ensure it properly covered the area. Sticking to climbing close to the floor whilst alone is probably wiser.





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Local first responder came to meet me at the café and then an ambulance came to take me to hospital


Ben Knight

10 June 2022 at 08:22:22

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