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Climbing at fairy caves with a group of competent climbers. We had split into 4 pairs and we're all climbing different routes around the crag. It was a super hot day and was going to be Dylan's last climb of the day. He choose the route Tinkerbell and started climbing. Got to the main overlap on the route (crux) he had place 3 pieces of gear( 1 cam,one nut & a half nut) and had protected himself well for the crux move. Went to pull over the overlap and a whole big block broke away from the wall! (Bounced off the wall on the way down and broke in 3/4 decent sized blocks !) I was belaying and all the rock that came down landed on me at the bottom! I tried to jump backwards to avoid it but landed in a pile of rocks/bushes with some of the blocks that fell landing on my leg/ankle.
All of Dylan's gear popped out and he decked out from 8-10meters up!
Luckily he landed not to heavily and was able to get up more about but had a slight cut above his eye and injuries to his elbows and a swallon ankle.
I had a big block of rock on my leg and once I have moved it off of my leg reveled two decent sized gashes to my left leg one being right down to my shin bone.
We were both conscious through the whole incident. We called for help and pretty much every one at the crag was already heading our way because they had heard the rock fall around the quarry.
We both untied from the end of the rope and managed to get ourselves out from the bottom of the crag without to much issue.
Both went to hospital straight after the accident myself to have stitches put in my leg and Dylan to be checking over as he had fallen from some height! I also had a rock hit me on the head and totally crack my helmet! The end of the rope also have two big lacerations down to the core at the climbers end where the rock hit the rope when falling! Lucky I was wearing a helmet as it would have been a whole lot worse with out that!
Luck to both be walking away with relatively minor injuries.


Always wear a helmet. It saved me big time!


Trad rock climbing




Serious injury requiring medical treatment


Falling rock, snow, ice or object



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Wearing Helmets?


Rescue Services Involved?

None. We were taken by members of the party to local hospital


Zak Campbell

11 August 2022 at 08:12:57

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