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Seconding climb to finish off day. Drizzle of rain here and there, group new to particular crag but familiar with area. Combination of RCI assessed and trained climbers. Loose, choosy rock at top of the whole crag let alone the climb. Novelty and grade of climb could have contributed to looser terrain. When pulling out of the last slab on the right, climbers hold broke and pulled rock approximately the size of 2 microwaves onto himself. In turn boulder hit climbers right leg leading to a broken knee and soft tissue damage. Climber got hauled on a 3:1 system and carried to closest access road.
I was preparing to ab down to Fisherman's Point. When I weighted the rope, it popped out of the device - I had failed to clip it. I had firm hold of the rope with both hands and was able to pull myself back into balance and sort it out. I then descended without incident. I was shocked because I am very wary of abseiling and usually check everything very carefully. Despite this, I somehow failed to spot this error. I have been trying to work out how this happened. It was the fourth day of the trip so perhaps abbing had become a bit routine, and it wasn't an intimidating ab (although the consequences could have been very serious). I think that despite my paranoia about abbing I had perhaps become complacent, and although I checked my setup maybe I didn't do this in a properly structured way. Perhaps I was already thinking ahead about how best to get over the edge. Also, I use a self-locking krab with a retainer to prevent cross-loading - this had become twisted in the sling and I had to sort this out, which perhaps distracted me from checking the whole set-up properly. Being self-locking also meant I didn't need to check the krab again, but if I had I might have noticed the rope wasn't clipped.
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