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WH route in reverse
I had been checking and rechecking the weather trying to find a good Munro hill walk after months of dreadful winds. I identified these two Munros wind speed forecast up to 40mph I knew it would be raining. I felt I would manage. I am a solo hillwalker. But I am cautious and careful. Set off in full waterproofs, map, OS route downloaded and my daughter notified as to my intended route. Good going until I got onto the tops the wind was horrendous, violent rain and I was soaked to the skin pretty quickly, my map and other things like my waterproof bag for my phone blew away by the time I reached the first summit. Went through three pairs of gloves. It was blown off course a few times. My hands were so cold I found it difficult to use my phone as a result got lost I developed a strategy of putting one hand up into my neck to warm it whilst the other was using my walking pole. Once I had summited I could have turned back but I felt the worst of the wind was behind me which it was and it was better to move forward. I followed fence posts which I remembered from my research to get back on track. I carried on I dare not stop to eat or drink as I felt that would be a mistake I’ve never been so cold so wet or so tired. I had a blizzard bag but felt I would be in danger if I stopped I had moments I doubted I would survive to be honest even if that sounds melodramatic. I carried on reached the 2nd summit just because it was on the way luck rather than judgement at this stage. The descent seemed interminable I was so cold I began to dither but I knew moving was the best thing to do I was so tired I began to fall The worst was falling in a burn and getting soaked even more I was also keeping my phone in my bra to keep it dry but it was tricky then to get it out! I got back eventually a 7 hour walk took me 9 1/2 hours What kept me going was determination and the riot act my brother who is an air sea rescue pilot read me before I started the Munros about not putting others at risk. I found out afterwards the forecast was wrong the winds had actually been 60mph! If I had known that I’d never have gone out.
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