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Attempting to onsight a route within experience level. Over 5 years of trad experience injury free. Limited experience of climbing at the crag. Placed a cam in very well worn crack before making move. Foot slipped and fell. Cam did not hold. Fell further, hitting ledge below and breaking wrist. Gear that stopped further fall was similar but larger cam in another well worn crack
At the top of the crag, preparing for the abseil down, the involved person was partially resting on their rope clove hitched to the anchor. They were asked by the person setting up the abseil to untie their other rope so it could be threaded through the anchor for the abseil. Instead of untying the unweighted rope, they started to untie the knot attaching their harness to the anchor. They got the majority of the way through untying this knot before it was spotted by someone, and they were able to tie back in. If they had undone another rope strand, it is likely they would've fallen 20m to the floor.
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