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Snakes and ladders
I have done this route multiple times and went out on a nice day with a friend to have a chill adventure. The section after the 'snake' when you come out of the tunnel has a section where you can either down climb or absail. Every other time I've done it ive chosen to absail. This time we chose to downclimb. I climbed down first and was checking a flake I was going to hold onto. It seemed very solid but when I committed my weight to it a large chunk of the wall pulled away. Approximately a 2.5ft by 2ft block. I was holding it in my arms and started to fall. I threw it out of the way to the side and slid down the slab before dropping a few meters on to my right leg. I was starting to roll down the hill towards the next drop and into sharp rocks so I threw my body weight back to counteract the roll and slid to a stop. It was an approximately 9m fall from top to bottom. I was wearing helmet and didn't hit my head. I had some deep gashes in my left arm and what I thought was a badly sprained ankle. My friend managed to climb down to me without incident and we managed to walk back to the car about a mile away. We went straight to the hospital where I had my arm taped back together and found out that I actually had fractured my ankle (spiral fracture, fibula)
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