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Climbing with my usual partner - I was belaying on a lead climb. My partner had just placed the first piece of gear and was <1m off the ground. I stepped in towards him to point out a foothold, as he stepped up and I stepped back, I caught the tip of his nut key, which was on the back of his harness on the inside of my nostril! This caused a small wound and considerable amount of pain. I lowered/dropped my partner to the ground (this is a debatable point). First aid was self administered.
Steves Wall
While climbing the popular highball 'Steves Wall' I made the last move and lost my balance coming back down to the pads below with a thud. My left foot missed the mat completely and right foot hit the edge, this resulted in the significant fracture dislocation of my Left Ankle and the fracturing of my right Calcaneus, leaving me in severe pain unable to mobilise. Emergency Services were contacted when signal was found by a climbing partner near the car park area. I was fortunate to receive care from the Yorkshire Air Ambulance after around 25 minutes followed by a land ambulance crew and Swaledale MRT to which i am highly grateful for.
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