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Great Western
I arrived at the crag and saw a team on Great Western, the second was unable to follow the route. Shortly after this I had a large crash and screams, the lead climber had abseiled to remove his protection the second could not recover do to failing to follow. The casualty feel roughly 30 feet onto a large boulder and then a further 7 feet on to the ground, he was wearing a helmet which clearly saved him from serious head injuries. The casualty appeared to have a broken arm, wrist, leg, back and possible internal injuries. Working with some other visitors to the crag we provided first aid and I contact the air ambulance for emergency treatment and evacuation. Discussion the situation with his second it appears a back up piece of gear for his abseil was removed leaving a single cam in a pocket, which swing into to get the gear this failed.
Black wall eliminate
Fall under first piece of gear landing on rock below
Decided to try and highball Opus since there were a lot of pads knocking about. Jumped off from near the top, decided it was fine so went for it again, didn't fully commit and fell, missing all but one pad and spraining both ankles. Walked back to the car, and made it home. Went to hospital the next day where I discovered I'd sprained both ankles (Nurses said I deserved to have broken both legs)
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