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I was actually on my own, I was descending Helm Crag after an easy hike to the top and decided to take a short cut down as I have done before. It had not been snowing and was quite a nice day, I had crampons with me and couldn't be bothered to put them on and then started to go down. My first step resulted in a slip (very wet and steep turf), my head hit the rock path and stunned me, I was wearing a helmet otherwise I would not be typing this, I fell quite a distance before I was able to actually stop the fall, I had hit quite a few exposed rocks on the way down including a couple of head impacts. I took a few moments to get my wits about me then put on the crampons and traversed to a safe gradient and hobbled my way back to Grasmere. I had quite a few injuries and was given the all clear by my GP when I got back. My mountaineering skills are quite high and this was down to being an idiot and forgetting about gravity.
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