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Charleston VS climb, climber placed 4 pieces of protection, had nearly finished crux when foot slipped, 3 of the 4 pieces popped out as climber fell approx 20 feet, landed on the ground on his side, remained conscious & cogent, climber felt pain & bruising on lower side of back & wrist, reported to A&E & given all clear after x-rays & CT scan
Relatively inexperienced climber tried to lead-climb a route at the top of their ability, placed a single piece of protection then became overcome by fear at approx 10ft, before they were able to put in a 2nd piece of protection, leading to ground fall, the climber seemed uninjured and insisted on trying the route a second time against the advice of their climbing partners, exactly the same situation occurred where the climber started visibly shaking at around 10ft, fell again this time resulting in a fractured ankle
Bushmills (E1)
1st trip off the year to Dalkey and in good conditions. Attempted to onsight a route at the top end of my lead range. Got to crux but felt insecure and stuggling to place gear. Decided to backclimb to a better stance but fell and my cam pulled out resulting in a ground fall.
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