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Un-named sport route
The route was lead by one participant who left quick draws in place on the 2 lower off anchors (12mm bolts with hangers and O rings) another participant climbed the route on bottom rope taking repeated rests on the rope. A third participant then lead the route and when reaching the lower off found that one of the nuts on the 12mm bolts was loose and only on the bolt by a small amount of thread (less than one mm). But was hand tightened and the participant changed over the lower off and descended. We will return soon and tighten the bolt with a spanner.
The Pervasive Grey
The rout contains a travers and there for the assent is different to the decent. This rout is below my skill level. On my way down I placed my foot on a loss rock witch dislodged knocking another bit of rock on its way down (rock fall about 1/2m2 combined). One rock landed on the rope preventing the belayer pacing out any more rope.
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