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Gearing up below Levitation at Low Man two weeks ago and a litre bottle of water was dropped from the sky and actually hit my partner a glancing blow on the back. It was over half full and had fallen over 150 feet. There was quite an audible thud as it hit the ground. We climbed the route and as I was making my way off the summit some dozy tourist asked if I had seen his bottle of Buxton spring water as it had fallen out of his pocket. No I can't quite work that one out either. He actually descended the whole way to the bottom of the crag to retrieve his water-bomb! He didn't seem at all concerned that he nearly killed someone. Luckily we both had helmets on our heads. Beggars belief!
Group climbing at a very familiar crag, i(A) arrived and a top rope was set (by B) on a medium grade route (hvs /e1) several people had tried the route (C, D, E) and struggled to complete the crux moves, i was invited and had several attempts (x4?), unable to complete i was lowered off by my belayer (c) on lowering we looked up to find the ropes whole sheath worn thro and a large (3m?) part of white core showing, continued lowering me to floor, rope discontinued use.
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