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upthe glacier at 6200m
I was ascending up in early hrs of the morning and around 5 am at 6200mi saw the sun rising and took my gloves off to take video with my mobile phone as the gloves were not touch screen sensitive.My right had was exposed to cold icy air for 15 mins then it froze and I felt sharp pain and was not able to make a fist then when i had closer look my whole right had turned blue. I alerted my Sherpa guide who as about 10 m ahead of me. He started rubbing my right hand with his hand and kept my hand under his armpit. Then I drank almost 500 mls of hot tea and waited half an hour but as no signs of improvement I decided to descend ; I descended so quickly by 1000 m to 5200 m and I could still see my fingertips were blue. Then I reached Khare/hotel and had warm fluids, then after 48 hrs the blue colour vanished.
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