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Where were you? E2
We chose to climb a route with fewer logs as most of the other routes had already been climbed by us on this location. On arrival at the top by the leader, a belay was scarce to find however a large boulder the size of a fridge-freezer was selected after applying the usual principles to check its suitability. The second was belayed up. Nearing the top, the leader moved his feet slightly to allow more room for the second to top out. At this point, the belay anchor shifted around 5-10cm towards the edge of the cliff within millimetres from falling off completely. Second was directly underneath when this happened with leader attached to front. On seeing this, second was able to detach from the unstable anchor via the unusually used method of screw gate carabiner they were tied in with and solo to the side. The leader was then able to detach from the unstable anchor and get to safety. It took one extremely light tap with the foot to trundle the boulder off the cliff.
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